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We have 1000's of products available!
Western States Chemical offers
a wide variety of specialty cleaners
to meet your varied cleaning needs.
Some of our most popular are listed
below.  Call us for a full list of options!
Western States Chemical FLITE

Concentrated degreaser / cleaner
formulated with heavy duty cleaning in
mind.  It is an excellent product for engine
degreasing, for cleaning aircraft skins, flight
line equipment and for general shop use.

LF-2162                 4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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LF-2161                 5 Gal. Pail
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LF-2160                 55 Gal. Drum
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Western States Chemical

Multi-function laundry room product that
reacts with oil and grease soils for faster,
easier removing in the laundering process.  
Safe to use on virtually all washable fabrics;
check for color fastness before unrestricted
use.  Removes oil, grease, cosmetics, dried
food, blood and other hard-to-remove stains.
Use concentrated as a pre-soak spray or
dilute in container for multiple items.

LF-2203                 4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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LF-2204                 5 Gal. Pail
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This non-foaming liquid cleaner is
formulated to eliminate residues and
deposits in beer and wine dispensing lines
of up to
100 feet. It flushes out lines and taps to keep
them clean and fresh and helps maintain the
true flavor and aroma of
beverages. It can also be used as a soak
solution for faucet parts, strainers and other
sink and bar accessories.

LA-764              4 Gal. / Case
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RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent

Concentrated to deliver maximum cleaning
power to the dirtiest part of your laundry.
RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent when used
as directed is safe on all washable fabrics
and it is highly effective in cleaning linens,
towels and tough everyday dirt and grime on
clothes. RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent is
low foaming to help protect the life of your
washing machine. RIGHT NOW Laundry
Detergent helps you save money while
providing you the cleanest laundry possible.

DF-00520      20 lb. Pail
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DF-00540      40 lb. Pail
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DF-00550      500 lb. Drum
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DfE approved concentrated cleaner
This restroom surface cleaner (20:1)
concentrate attacks dirt, mildew, soap scum
and stains from common bathroom surfaces
including shower and floor tile ceramic,
porcelain, toilet seats, and stainless steel
and chrome. Leave surfaces smelling clean
with a pleasant, fresh fragrance.
Designed for the Environment DfE Certified.

LA-729          6 X 1 Pint / Case
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Fortech® Spin™ HE Liquid
Laundry Detergent

SPIN™ is safe on all types of washable
fabrics in all water temperatures and
hardness conditions. Its quick-dispersing
action emulsifies and gently lifts and holds
soils from re-depositing back onto clean
clothes. The easy flow consistency makes it
ideal for dispensing through automatic feed
systems in commercial applications. It rinses
out completely while leaving a fresh clean
scent behind. SPIN™ is recommended for
use in commercial and standard home style
top loading washing machines. Works
equally well in modern front loading, high
efficiency laundry machines.

LFT-53104      4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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Enviro-Terra Bowl is a powerful yet safe
multi-functional cleaner that combines the
high cleaning performance of an acid with
the mildness of liquid dish soap. With a pH
of 1, it has the cleaning power of an acid, yet
it is safe to the touch. It is an economical
alternative to typical Non-Acid Bowl
Cleaners.  The thick, clinging formula will
coat the surface of bowls and urinals, and
will effectively remove rust, minerals, uric
acid, and hard water deposits. The gentle
formula is safe for plumbing
& septic systems.

LA-138           12 X 1 Qt. / Case
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Concentrated for use in automatic and
institutional washers.  This powerful liquid
detergent contains anionic and non-ionic
surfactants and stain removers to clean
tough grease and soils and hold them in
solution to prevent them from redepositing
on clothes. The formula also contains optical
brighteners to keep colors bright, and
additional water softening ingredients to
ensure high performance even in hard water.
It’s also biodegradable and non-polluting.  

LA-2212                 4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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LA-2211                 5 Gal. Pail
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LA-2210                 55 Gal. Drum
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One of our customer's favorites.
Highly concentrated (26% HCL) bowl
cleaner  dissolves organic encrustations,
scale and stains. Contains blend of
detergent, inorganic acid, wetting agents and
rinse additive to keep toilet bowls and
urinals bright and clean. Regular use helps
clean traps and lines.

LI-R925           12 X 1 Qt. / Case
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Powdered 6% organic dry bleach
Has a unique combination of ingredients to
safely bleach all white fabrics whiter and
brighter. Phosphate free. Dissolves
completely & rinses easily. Contains iron
sequestering agents to prevent "yellowing".
Leaves no residue & does not cake on
equipment surfaces. Remains stable during
storage w/no loss of bleaching power.
Release of chlorine is controlled to minimize
fabric damage, like pinholes and tensile
strength loss.

DFT-82150      50 lb. Pail
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Heavy foam cleaner that clings to oven
surfaces. Citrus fortified to improve cleaning
power and mask necessary caustic
 NSF Certified

AT-460         12 X 18 oz. Net Wt. / Case
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Non-toxic liquid formula
This biodegradable liquid quickly and safely
removes paint and graffiti from non-porous
surfaces in one easy step. It also
does not contain amyl acetate or methylene
chloride, so it is safe on hands and skin.

LA-332           12 X 1 Qt. / Case
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Additional sizes available up to 55 gal drum.

Portable, non-acid, foam cleaner that blasts
deep into air conditioner, heater,
refrigeration, and dryer coils to loosen and
remove grease, dirt, lint, and grime.
Contains bio-enzymes for continuous
cleaning and breakdown of organic coil
contaminants. Helps maintain clean drip
pans and drain lines. Non-rinsing formula
helps maintain optimum unit efficiency.
Clean fragrance.

AT-274          12 X 18 oz. Net Wt. / Case
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Fast-drying. Flush action solvent blasts away
dirt from AC,heating and refrigeration coil
fines. Requires no rinsing.

AT-560        12 X 18 oz. Net Wt. / Case
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