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Grounds and Drain Maintenance
Highway Districts
Western States Chemical offers a wide
variety of
building grounds and drain
nce products to meet your
varied needs. Some of our most popular
are listed below.  Call us for a full list of

Concentrated, powdered cleaner and
degreaser that, when mixed with water,
penetrates quickly to remove grease and
grime from concrete and other hard
surfaces. Ideal for areas where a floor
scrubber is not available or practical. Can
be flushed down floor drains to clean and
freshen. Color-activated formula turns green.

DA-665-25                 25 lbs.
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DA-665           6 X 2 lbs. canisters
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Unique liquid stain absorbent and remover
Highly effective against hydrocarbon-based
oils, greases, BBQ grill stains, silicone oils
from tire dressings, and other stains.  Ideal
for use on asphalt, concrete, paving stones,
pressure treated wood, composite decking,
and other surfaces. Designed to reach into
the pores of porous and untreated surfaces
for deep stain removal, it will also remove
stains from treated and sealed surfaces.

LA-159         12 X 1 Quart / Case
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Also available in 4 X 1 Gal/Case,
5 Gal. Pail & 55 Gal. Drum

Deodorizing clay granules that contain
proprietary odor counteractant for long-term
control of garbage odors in dumpsters,
compactors, trash cans, etc. Specially
formulated with the world famous Super N
Concentrate that contains citronella oil and
other natural ingredients, Nilodew
neutralizes obnoxious odors and deters
pests. One scoop of Nilodew counteracts
odors in dumpsters, compactors, ash trays,
waste baskets, etc., for up to one full week.

DN-8-ND         2 X 8 lb. Jar / Case
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Also available in 60 pound tub

Liquid surface conditioner and primer that
converts existing rust into an inert, protective
coating that seals out moisture and
corrosion. Unlike other products, it is not a
simple cleaner or cover-up. The special
formula attacks rust at the chemical level, for
fast, long-lasting results. Treated surfaces
turn matte black.

LA-346         12 X 1 Quart / Case
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LA-346-5         5 Gallon Pail
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Also available in an aerosol spray!
BWC has a variety of sizes & gauges of
can liners in the following product lines.  
Contact us to find your ideal solution.

Shark Skin combines the highest grade
linear low film with the strength of a star seal
bottom on a coreless roll. The result is a
value added bag with unprecedented

MAINTENANCE PRO CAN LINER                        
The Right MaintenancePro™ Can Liners for
the Job. Whether you need low or high
density can liners, our linear products are
made from high quality resins that are
stronger than the rest.  The strength and
stretch properties of our linear low density
can liners make them a great general all-
purpose liner, while our high density can
liners provide superior strength and moisture
barrier properties for heavy, wet trash.  

High Density Mini-Rolls provide answers to
questions of environmental responsibility as
well as cost efficiency. The unique blend of
first grade high molecular weight High
Density Polyethylene and LLDPE resins is
puncture resistant, possesses impressive
film strength and performs under
temperature extremes

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This biodegradable liquid quickly and safely
removes paint and graffiti from non-porous
surfaces in one easy step. It also does not
contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride,
so it is safe on hands and skin.  

LA- 332               12 X 1 Quart / Case
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A sacrificial graffiti protection barrier that  
applies crystal clear on nearly any
non-porous surface to provide a protective
barrier against graffiti. When the surface gets
tagged, simple peel away the barrier & the
graffiti, and apply a new coating.

LA- 333               12 X 1 Quart / Case
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Both products above are available in a
variety of sizes up to 55 gallon drum.

The most effective pre-moistened wipes
available for removing paint and graffiti in
one easy step. Powerful soy-based formula
is environmentally safe and biodegradable,
and does not contain amyl acetate or
methylene chloride, making these much
safer to use than other products.  Abrasive
but non-scratching fabric aids in cleaning..  

DA- 1447 (6 X 40 / Canister / Case)
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Heavy Duty Acid Replacement Cleaner
cleans the heaviest rust and algae stains
from concrete buildings and walks; replaces
acid to remove cement from construction
equipment; safe & mild as dish soap

LA-137          12  X 1 Qt. / Case
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LA-1372       4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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Also available in 5 gal. pail and 55 gal. drum

Wasp insecticide instantly kills wasps,
hornets, yellow jackets and bees;  Residual
action continues killing, eliminating nests;
Effective both indoors and outdoors.

AD- 18320         12 X 12 oz. Net Wt. / Case
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A powerful, non-selective herbicide
designed for use where control of all
vegetation is desired. It is also a soil
sterilant, offering a total kill with long-lasting
residual action, so it is only recommended
for non-cropland areas away from
residential/recreational areas.

LA-320       4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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LA-320-5       5 Gallon Pail
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Fortech® Heat™ De-Icer can be applied
before, during or after an expected snowfall.
Fast acting and easy to apply with
immediate results. Ready to use. Long
lasting action saves labor and down time.
Ideal for use on exterior areas where snow
and ice can be a problem to the public;
schools, universities, shopping centers,
malls, transportation facilities, etc.

LFT-18905          5 Gallon Pail
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LFT-18955          55 Gallon Drum
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330 Gallon Tote also available

Fast/Safe/Long Lasting Performance Ice
Melter specially formulated combination of
many ice melting compounds resulting in a
better result. Not harmful to shoes, clothing,
carpet or hard surface flooring.
Economical to use.

DCHP-6111         60 Pound Box
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Snow Plow Coating applies a thin, slippery
layer of silicone to all of your snow removal
equipment to reduce the friction and help the
equipment perform better. It also protects
metal surfaces from rust and corrosion

LA-385          4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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Also available in 5 gal pail and 55 gal. drum
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BIO-ACTION is a non-caustic, non-acidic
drain opener, maintainer and build-up
remover. It uses multi-cultured bacteria and
free enzymes to keep drains free-flowing and
also prevents future clogs and build-ups.   
Most drain clogs result from the accumulation
of food materials on the inside of drain
surfaces. Regular use establishes an active
bacteria population that continuously works
to keep this accumulation from occurring.  
Adding this product to drains once a week
and allowing it to work overnight ensures that
drains remain open.  
NSF L2 certified.

LA-528                 12 Pints/Case   
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Available in a variety of sizes up to
55 gallon drum.

This concentrated digestant contains
selected multi-cultured strains of natural
enzyme-producing bacteria. These special
strains of bacteria consume organic matter
to eliminate odors at their source on most
kitchen and bathroom surfaces, toilets,
urinals, rugs and carpets.

LA-535              12  X 1 Qt. / Case
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Available in a variety of sizes up to 55 gal.


Super concentrated (10:1)
version of Live Micro 535

LA-536        4 X 1 Gal. / Case
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Digestase APD 900 is an all-purpose,
powdered bacterial digestant that provides
continuous cleaning action in septic systems,
sewage lagoons and other waste-disposal
systems. It effectively attacks, liquifies, and
removes grease, fat and oil.
NSF C1 certified.

DA-502                 25 lbs.
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Enzyme producing bacteria digests and
liquefies organic waste, grease and food
by-products eliminating odors and reducing
suspended soils.  It is highly resistant to
disinfectants, detergents, sanitizers and free
chlorine.  Great for RV's and veterinarians!

LD-23332           12  X 1 Qt. / Case
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L.E.A.D.(Liquid Enzyme And Digestant) is a
synergized bacteria that are aerobic and
anaerobic, facultative in nature. L.E.A.D.
reduces B.O.D. and the foul odors and gases
it produces.  L.E.A.D. is extremely effective in
food service & kitchen applications.

LFT-18604            4 X 1 Gal./ Case
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Also available in 5 gal pail and 55 gal. drum.

Royal Flush is a breakthrough in portable
toilet waste and odor control. This high
performance product uses nature's own
waste digestion process to aggressively
destroy odors instead of hiding them behind
fancy perfumes. Far safer and more effective
than formaldehyde and other harsh
preservatives, this product is 100%
biodegradable. Pleasant fragrance and a
built-in blue dye.

LA-530                 12 Qts./Case
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Prices subject to change without notice.  Call for current prices.
Grounds Maintenance
Additional discounts available for scheduled delivery and multi-case purchases.  Call for quote.
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