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'Green'  Restroom Cleaners / Descalers
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Restroom maintenance offers many
challenges with hard water and soap
scum build-up being a common
occurance.  Western States offers a wide
range of "green" products with the
toughness expected of industrial cleaners
and the mildness of earth friendly
EPA DfE Certified

DfE approved concentrated cleaner
This restroom surface cleaner (20:1)
concentrate attacks dirt, mildew, soap
scum and stains from common bathroom
surfaces including shower and floor tile
ceramic, porcelain, toilet seats, and
stainless steel and chrome. Leave surfaces
smelling clean with a pleasant, fresh

Comes in 1 pint bottles that make 2.5
gallons of cleaning solutions.  Use the 2.5
gallon Buddy Jug (EA-9144) to mix up
solution without measuring.

LA-729          6 X 1 Pint / Case
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Green Seal Certified

Non-corrosive cleaner for all bathroom surfaces.
Easily cleans and removes calcium,
magnesium, rust and other hard water deposits.
Removes mold, mildew. Safe on metal fixtures,
sinks, faucets, bowls, urinals. Safe on walls,
floors and grout. Use on porcelain, chrome,
glass/plastic, fiberglass. For use in: Restrooms,
health care, country clubs, hotels & motels,
municipalities, hospitals, shower rooms,
manufacturing, resorts, health clubs, kitchens,
nursing homes.

LO-008        4 X 1 Gal.
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EPA DfE Certified

a special blend of environmentally
preferable mild surfactants and hydrogen
peroxide that produce a cleaner as strong
as mineral acid, yet is mild like hand soap.
This non-fuming bathroom cleaning
product can be used for the toughest
cleaning jobs and is much safer than
hydrochloric and phosphoric acid based
cleaners. Apply with sprayer or wipe on with
cloth or sponge. Removes soap scum, lime
deposits, grease, grime, rust, discoloration,
mineral deposits such as calcium (hard
water deposits) and other types of soils.
Use on stainless steel, copper, brass,
aluminum, concrete, ceramic tile,
porcelain, stone, brick, fiberglass, grout.
LV-2970          12 X 1 Qt. / Case
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LV-2974          4 X 1 Gal.  / Case
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Good Earth Line TM

One single product to clean and deodorize all
bathroom surfaces. Helps keep drain lines and
traps free flowing and odor free. Formulated with
a special blend of bio-enzymatic bacteria which
safely dissolves organic stains and odors. Can
sprays in an upright or inverted position.

AT-GE277        12 X 18  Net Wt. Oz. / Case
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EPA Certified Designed for Environment - Certifies products that perform well, are cost-effective, & are safer
for the environment.

Green Seal Certified - Develops life cycle-based sustainability standards and certifies products that meet them

NSF International - The Public Health and Safety Company
NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education
and risk management for public health and the environment. Manufacturers, regulators and consumers alike look to NSF International for the
development of public health standards and certification that help protect the world's food, water, health and consumer products.