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'Green' Cleaners / Degreasers
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We have 1000's of products available!
'Green' or Earth Friendly Cleaners and
Degreasers help you tackle the hard
cleaning jobs with products that are both
gentle on the environment and the people
using the products.  Here are some of
Western States Chemical's most popular,
gentle but powerful, cleaners and
EPA DfE Certified

This multi-purpose concentrated heavy
duty cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and
stain remover contains hydrogen peroxide,
biodegradable surfactants and degreasers.
It cleans and degreases in one step, leaves
no residue, rinses freely with water.
Contains no caustic or harmful solvents.
For use on walls, floors, tile, vinyl
upholstery, metal, porcelain, concrete, and
counter tops. Removes grease, oil, grime,
soap scum, lipstick, wax, food stains and

Excellent for use as general purpose carpet
spotter and can also be used as a
pre-spotter on soiled clothing prior to

LV-2980        12 X 1 Qt.
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LV-2984       4 X 1 Gal.
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Green Seal Certified

RTU cleaner fortified with natural citrus cleaning
power and hydrogen peroxide.  This stable
combination along with a specialized surfactant
system quickly attacks the most stubborn soils
and stains on virtually all surfaces not harmed by
water alone.  It leaves no oily residue and rinses
freely with water.

It can be used in a multitude of applications. A
perfect choice for cleaning ceramic tile,
countertops or shower walls to remove mold and
mildew.  It is a great choice for general carpet
spotting and as a laundry pre-spotter.

LO-005        4 X 1 Gal.
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EPA DfE Certified

This heavy duty cleaner and degreaser can
be used 'as is' for tough cleaning or may be
diluted up to 64:1 for light duty cleaning.  
Cleans and degreases in one step with no
fumes or offensive smells.  It is safe on
most surfaces including walls, floors, tile,
vinyl upholstery, metal, porcelain, concrete,
and counter tops. Removes dirt and stains
including grease, oil, grime, soap scum,
lipstick, wax, food stains and dirt.

LV-2650         4 X 1 Gal.
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EPA DfE Certified

This concentrated neutral cleaner and degreaser
can be used as directed for tough cleaning jobs
and also for general purpose cleaning. It can be
diluted with cold water to save energy and is
biodegradable in hard or soft water. Designed for
use on floors, walls, tile, terrazzo, concrete,
woodwork, enamel, porcelain, windows and metal
surfaces. Removes grease, grime, oil, food stains,
dirt, lipstick, black heel marks, carbon, soot and
soap scum.

LV-2720        4 X 1 Gal
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Green Seal Certified

Remarkable no rinse all purpose cleaner
leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Use it
almost anywhere on almost any surface. It
can be used in dilution of up to 1:128 for
light soil.  Low foam formula works well in
any water temp & condition. Dries quickly,
saves time and labor. Can be used on
concrete floors, spray & wipe, counter tops,
equipment, soft metals, pressure washing,
mop & bucket cleaning, engines, painted
surfaces, plexiglas, soak tank cleaning,
hoods/exhaust fans, walls, glass/fiberglass,

LO-004         4 x 1 Gal.
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Green Seal Certified

A non-flammable, medium-sudsing, heavy-duty
all purpose cleaner and degreaser with a readily
biodegradable surfactant system. Superior
penetration and removal of greasy soils. Fast,
safe removal of ink, coffee, graphite, greases, and
oils on all surfaces, including most clothing.
Unlike harsh caustics and volatile solvents, it
cleans safely without hazardous fumes and toxic
by-products. It is ideal for use in food service
areas, garages, and machine shops.

LO-ST842      2 oz. Packet,  72 Packets / Cs.
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EPA DfE Certified

Heavy-duty, all-purpose cleaner and
degreaser. Non-flammable, non-corrosive,
non-toxic, biodegradable,
moderate-sudsing industrial cleaner.
Removes oils, dirt, grease, grime, tar,
rubber marks, ink. Also removes coffee
and blood. Fresh and clean herbal

Convenient water-soluble 3.5 g packet for
makes 1 quart of cleaner.  Available in two
configurations.  Purchase a kit containing 1
- 80 counts container plus a pre-labeled
quart bottle or purchase a case of 4 - 80
count container.

LO-ST680           4 X 80 Ct. Container /
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LO-ST681         1- 80 Ct Container + Bottle  
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EPA DfE Certified

This multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser is
gentle on surfaces yet strong enough to remove
heavy grease, dirt, grime, oil, scuffs, food
deposits, adhesives, stains and soils. Economical
20:1 concentrate that dilutes to powerful and safe
ready to use product. Leaves surfaces smelling
clean with a pleasant, fresh fragrance. It rates a
zero in the three NFPA categories of health,
flammability and reactivity.

Comes in 1 pint bottles that make 2.5
gallons of cleaning solutions.  Use the 2.5
gallon Buddy Jug (EA-9144) to mix up
solution without measuring.

LA-728          6 X 1 Pint / Case
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Good Earth Line TM

Safely and gently clean with this light-duty
foam cleaner and degreaser. Natural
bioenzymes effectively clean and
deodorize. Safe on any surface not effected
by water alone. Quickly removes mold,
fungus, and mildew stains Fresh clean
fragrance. Effective on walls, doors, counter
tops, fixtures, tile, glass & mirrors.

AT-GE272         12 X 18 oz. Net. Wt. / Case
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Good Earth Line TM

Light-duty, daily cleaner  to maintain and preserve
the natural beauty of stone surfaces.   The
non-abrasive, natural formula provides one-step
cleaning and polishing to remove fingerprints,
food residue and grease and eliminates build-up.
It wipes streak-free to enhances color and
restores brilliance.  Effective on polished & sealed
granite, marble, limestone & travertine and has a
fresh clean scent

AT-GE271         12 X 18 oz. Net. Wt. / Case
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EPA Certified Designed for Environment - Certifies products that perform well, are cost-effective, & are safer
for the environment.

Green Seal Certified - Develops life cycle-based sustainability standards and certifies products that meet them

NSF International - The Public Health and Safety Company
NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education
and risk management for public health and the environment. Manufacturers, regulators and consumers alike look to NSF International for the
development of public health standards and certification that help protect the world's food, water, health and consumer products.