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HDC-115 is a concentrated multi-purpose cleaner
degreaser specifically designed for use in industrial,
commercial and institutional cleaning.  

It has a pleasant scent & blue color.

Use it to clean industrial equipment, mop waxed floors,
clean woodwork and walls, remove greasy build-up in
kitchens, clean grease spots from carpets, remove oil,
grease & black heel marks from flooring plus any
number of general shop and home use cleaning needs.  

This highly concentrated cleaner-degreaser should be
diluted for use as directed.

  • 4 X 1 Gallon case - LF-2202
  • 5 gallon pail - LF-2201
  • 55 gallon drums - LF-2200
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Industrial use:
Use one part of cleaner to 15 to 30 parts water or more as required. Excellent to clean machinery, shop
equipment, forklifts & other material handling equipment, pumps, conveyors and processing machines. Rinse.

General building/shop maintenance:
For mopping waxed floors, use one ounce cleaner per gallon of water. For heavily soiled concrete floors, use 8
ounces per gallon of water. Scrub or let soak, mop and rinse floors. Apply solution of two to four ounces
cleaner per gallon of water for walls and woodwork. Not recommended for cleaning windows/glass.

Food Preparation Areas/Kitchens:
Use solution of one part cleaner to ten parts water for removing grease splatter around stoves, vent hoods,
fans, blowers and appliances.  To boil out a deep fat fryer, an exhaust fan or vent hood must be used, avoid
breathing fumes. To soften and remove baked-on grease on filters, fans and stove parts, soak overnight,
preferably in a covered container. Always rinse with potable water after use in areas where food contact may

Miscellaneous uses:
Use ½ cup cleaner to quart of water (1:7 dilution) to spray on walls, laundry stains and spots, rub off and wipe
with clean towel. Use solution of one part cleaner to 15 parts water to clean greasy spots in carpeting. Rinse,
and blot carpet dry with clean towel. May be used up to full strength for removal of black heel marks on flooring,
cleaning white wall tires, tough stains, or as a pre-spotter for heavily soiled laundry.

Test surface/fabric before using.