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DAYLube NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease
Nanotechnology involves the development of materials, devices, and processes at the
molecular level. In recent years, scientists have learned to fabricate molecules based
on individual, task-specific designs. Today, nanotechnology is being used more and
more to develop new, better, and more cost-effective products. One of those
products is DAYLube™

DAYLube™ - The Ultimate in Machine Lubrication
Key components in DAYLube™ are nano ceramic "bearings" that have an
affinity for steel, and provide continuous lubrication at the surface. These are
fabricated over a calcium sulfonate thickener within a mid-viscosity
petroleum-based paste.

Now NSF-H1 Food Grade Certified

Dayton's DAYLube™ NanoCeramic Lubricating Grease is a leading edge,
extremely high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of industrial applications. DAYLube™ utilizes nano ceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic "bearings,"
providing continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. DAYLube™ gives you ten times the
normal life, a much lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures, extraordinary
adhesion, and higher load-bearing properties than traditional high-performance

Product Description
DAYLube™ is a high-performance, highly stable lubricant that
delivers unmatched performance, durability, and wear resistance.

DAYLube™ outlasts PTFE greases in the same applications by ten
times due to its lower friction coefficient and its ability to operate at a
wider range of temperatures!

Nano ceramic particles-the key component-offer a lower coefficient of
friction at all temperatures.

DAYLube™ has high load-bearing properties; a low dielectric
constant; does not contain metal or silicone; and is resistant to water,
steam, acids, and most chemical products. All of this gives
DAYLube™ greater staying power, even under intense pressure and

    •Staying Power-extraordinary adhesion extends production to 10 times that of
    other greases.
    •Shear Stability-does not soften or run out. After 100,000 production strokes,
    shows no evidence of breaking down.
    •Operating Temperatures-operates in a normal range from -40° F to +800° F,
    plus ceramic particles remain intact up to 2500° F.
    •Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Protection-resists EP, provides exceptional
    stability without using lead, antimony, chlorine, zinc, barium, etc.
    •Corrosion Resistant-resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals.
    •High Dropping Point-maintains viscosity across full temperature range.
    •Low Coefficient of Friction-lower than PTFE greases.
    •Chemically Inert-environmentally friendly.
    •Low Dielectric Constant-excellent insulator.
    •Resilient-upon cooling returns to original viscosity after reaching dropping point.

DAYLube™ is an extraordinary, state-of-the art lubricating grease. It
provides exceptional friction reduction and wear resistance, and outlasts
and outperforms virtually all other lubricating greases on the market.

It is also the best value on the market today.
When compared with the price of our closest competitor (using nanotechnology), the per
ounce cost for DAYLube™ is considerably lower. Also, traditional PTFE lubricants are
priced lower; however, the real value can be found in comparing the real life of the
lubricants and considering the additional cost of maintenance and downtime.

DAYLube™ remains on the surface longer, extending production up to ten times that of
PTFE lubricants. Further, DAYLube™ has much greater shear stability than other
lubricants. In laboratory and on-site tests, the change in penetration after 100,000
strokes is low-meaning the grease did not soften under shear. Both longer run times
and greater shear stability mean less total product cost, less maintenance, and far less
downtime for lubricating.

In addition, DAYLube™ operates in a far wider range of temperatures than traditional
lubricants, making it more versatile than PTFE products. For all practical purposes, you
simply cannot purchase PTFE lubricants that will operate in this wide temperature
range. Also, it is environmentally friendly.

  •     DDP-NLGF192   Case (dozen 16oz. Tubes)
  •     DDP-NLGF128   1 Gallon/7# Tub
  •     DDP-NLGF640    5 Gallon/35# Pail
DAYLube NanoCeramic Lubricating
Grease ~ DDP- NLGF192

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